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Did you know between 60-70% of content goes unread? Bruh. If someone told you that 70% of your marketing efforts were wasted on things that don’t move the needle, how would you do things differently? Brain Minerals solves problems by not listening to the hype. We do things counterintuitively, we destroy everything that is a distraction, and we actually get you some of your precious time back. 

We believe in doing FUN things that gets you real results. Creating content that no one will ever see? That’s kinda gross

Content That Works

Stop spinning your wheels by creating content that no one will read. Instead, let’s elevate your content by telling better stories. Stories that engage, excite, and energize your audience.

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About Anna Codina

Anna Codina, Founder of Brain Minerals, is a content strategist with over a decade of experience in the industry and has worked with brands such as Adobe, Evernote, and Wildlife Fund. Anna’s simple content strategy attracts the top ten percent of her client’s best-paying customers and helps busy entrepreneurs create relatable storytelling and purposeful messaging.

Since 2008

The Mission

Content is sooooooo boring. Your articles are boring. Your newsletter is boring. Your videos are boring. Your podcast is BORING. 

But you, yourself, are not boring. 

You might not know it yet, but you’ve got stories in you for days that are funny, engaging, serious, emotional, timeless, and beautiful. You have these inside you, but you don’t know how to get your personality out there to the right kinda eyeballs. 

The mission is simple: To help you tell better stories to the right people without spending hours and hours doing it. 

You have an important message to share, whether that be through your business, through your industry wisdom, or just because you’re a creator at heart. Let’s not let your voice go to waste. Let’s make an impact and build a legacy with your voice. 


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